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current Life Is Strange theories


  1. Victoria’s family is involved in the disappearance of Rachel, and the Principle is well aware of this
  2. Chloe’s snowglobe of Arcadia Bay actually dictates the state of AB, and it’s destruction will bring about the storm // ALTERNATIVELY, since Chloe is the flipside of Max, she has earned Space - related powers and has not realised (still to do with the snowglobe)
  3. Step-Douche is actually right; Kate has been sad lately and cried because she knows something about Rachel // ALTERNATIVELY, gained powers 
  4. The folders are of girls who developed powers, so they got removed from Arcadia Bay to protect the town / be experimented on; Rachel developed some sort of power, got kidnapped, and Max may become a target 
  5. The butterfly gave Max the power to rewind time , not the storm
  6. Mark Jefferson will become an antagonist 
  7. Chloe causes the storm 



Okay so I have theories for future episodes.

1. If you look at Victoria in the last shot, she’s tearing the missing poster off the board. My theory is that Victoria IS the missing girl, or at least is related to her somehow. Perhaps they had a rivalry?

2. Something bad will happen to Warren. I just have a feeling. Something you won’t be able to change.

3. The teacher will have relevance to the disappearance of the missing girl. I’m not sure why I think this… But he’s just to nice for me… I get a feeling he’s up to something.

4. The storm has something to do with Max’s abilities. Why now of all times is she suddenly able to control time? And a storm is coming soon. She may have been chosen somehow to prevent the storm altogether.

5 . Chloe will die. I don’t know how. But I have an awful feeling she will…

Alright my prediction for what happened to Rachel in life is strange


Rachel and Chloe a couple (as has already been stated in game) Chloe said Rachel dissapeared shortly after saying she’d met someone who would change their lives I think the person she met was the famous photographer teacher who was going to hire her as a model (drawing guy and pretentious photographer both said she was good at that) so they were spending a lot of time together (which is where the rumor that they were sleeping together came from) he then abducted her and killed her/ raped and kept in basement as sex slave (as he’s done before (those files with all the girls names on in the preview images))the guy with the gun also had a thing for her and may be involved or might have tried to drug her like he did with Chloe which could be why she went to the teacher when she dissapeared expl aining gun kids instability he thinks the dose was too high and she’s dead somewhere because of him

“How do I grow then,
when I`ve been alive for the best part of my life
Feeling alone?  - Dreams of William
My poor confused baby Chloe.. she has been through enough.
This scene was soo emotional..
But can we please talk about how good...
“How do I grow then,
when I`ve been alive for the best part of my life
Feeling alone?  - Dreams of William
My poor confused baby Chloe.. she has been through enough.
This scene was soo emotional..
But can we please talk about how good...


How do I grow then,

when I`ve been alive for the best part of my life

Feeling alone?    - Dreams of William

My poor confused baby Chloe.. she has been through enough.

This scene was soo emotional..

But can we please talk about how good before the storm was?

by Madeline H. (2017)

please do not use without my permission. Thank you :D

Life Is Strange theories


So I’ve had some theories about Life Is Strange and after digging in the tag for a while I see that some people think the same thing and now I’m totally convinced that

  1. Mr. Jefferson is responsible for Rachel’s disappearance. Chloe said Rachel had supposedly met a cool guy right before she vanished and we know that she and Mr. Perfect had an affair (which is why Victoria hates her so much). Now, I think Rachel had the same gift as Max - apparently everyone loved her on the campus, maybe because she would use her powers the same way Max does??? I think this gift may be the reason why she’s gone (and why Max may be next - because Jefferson won’t shut up about how gifted she is and I have a feeling he’s not just talking about photography…) (maybe he abuses the time manipulation to get his oh-so-perfect photos?)
  2. Chloe’s step-douche may actually have good intentions with his surveillance bullshit. There is something fucked up going on in that school and he’s trying to find out what. I think the brat kid did something to Kate (the same thing he tried to do to Chloe) and showed the footage to his douchebag friends, who are now bullying and humiliating her (“will bang for jesus”). And step-D is harassing Kate to tell him what happened (because even if he does mean well, he’s still an ass with a bad temper - we’ve seen him slap Chloe)
  3. I’m pretty sure there’s some red herring - I’m guessing it’s the whole Victoria-is-a-bitch-from-hell thing
  4. “It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.” - this is so fucking symbolic that I’m scared of what Max’s time reversing will cause. I’m starting to feel like all the nice things I did in first episode will end in a shitstorm later… Or maybe the game will pull a Donnie Darko and in the end every change you’ll have done will be lost
  5. That said, I feel like Chloe’s going to die in the end, whether by Nathan’s hand in the bathroom or by someone else’s using the gun she stole from David. I hope I’m wrong